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pet love like this is what's getting us through COVID

Pet Love Helps Us Navigate COVID

There’s nothing better than turning to someone for a warm hug when you’re feeling down, right? Well, that’s what we’ve been doing with our pets to help us get through the pandemic. Taking on board all the pet love we can. Research PD Insurance completed

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Woman in car with dog is happy after pet proofing her car

Simple Ways to Pet Proof Your Car Like a Pro

New Zealand has the second highest rate of pet ownership in the world. Many more households than not share their space with a furry or feathery friend. If you’re in this group you know firsthand the physical and psychological benefits that come from their companionship.

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Dogs on Instagram

5 Dog Instagram Pages to Follow

If your’re sick of seeing holiday selfies, snapshots of your friend’s breakfast or people attempting to take on the next dance craze, here is paw full of local and international Instagram dog pages to liven up your pet-lover Insta feed. Local Pet Pages @kayatheshepherd started out

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Be A Rocking Pet Parent

17 Ways To Be A Rocking Pet Parent

No big intro needed… Here are a few tips to help you be the greatest pet parent this world has ever seen! General 1. Give them lots of positive, appropriate attention. That might be through cleaning their cage, talking to them, taking them for walks,

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Dogs playing in park - playtime for dogs and cats

The Importance of Playtime for Dogs and Cats

Playtime is not just for fun. Playtime for dogs and cats is an important part of their development and has a place right into their senior years. Before we give you good reasons to introduce more playtime with your pet, consider that self-expression isn’t reserved

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