Fill your feed with dogs of Instagram!

Dogs of Instagram From New Zealand

Social media is all about how many followers and hashtags you have plus what filters you apply, right? Well, yes, but only to a certain extent. Especially when we’re talking pets… Five dogs of Instagram accounts have our attention right now, ranging from brand ambassadors to outdoor adventurers.

While some of these pups have followers in the tens of thousands, some have just over one thousand. What’s pawsome is that all are bonafide Kiwis…

So while browsing their grids, scooping up deals (from the brands they represent) and liking their posts, you get to support homegrown pups at the same time!

Dogs of Instagram: five accounts to follow

While some of these gorgeous pups are already considered A-listers, if you and I and everyone else who reads this article decides to follow and like these Kiwi heroes, we can make them even bigger! And help promote our country at the same time… Hmmmm or maybe we keep things quiet 😉

Besides hitting their follow button, share this article with friends and family to spread the canine care.

1. @poppy_simba_winnie_phoebe for Pomeranians

  • Bio: 5 Pomeranian neighbours
  • Breed: Pomeranian
  • Followers: 50,600

You’ve heard about dog sharing, where a dog is shared between friends or family? Well, this is slightly similar, but different because these five Pomeranian doggos – who are West Auckland neighbours – share their Instagram account. Yep, Simba, Winnie, Phoebe, Poppy and Taonga are from two households and share one IG handle.

These Pomeranian pups love to dress up, have playtime and they even manage to find the time for brand placement via their account. Plus, their fans love sending them presents, which they feature too. These pups even use their star status to raise funds when fellow Pomeranians in their community of followers need a helping hand.

2. @mocha snowdog for a lovable collie

  • Bio: Mocha
  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Followers: 29,800

Mocha snowdog is a Border Collie influencer, ahem…sorry, make that dogfluencer from New Zealand. Mocha loves doing regular doggie stuff, like walking the woods, high fiving, playing catch, or smiling for the camera. But she’s also the fresh face of a dog treat and toy company (look her posts up for special discount codes).

Mocha’s very health conscious, so she spends time romping in the snow, going boating, and getting in some good playtime with her dog friends. We reckon she would’ve read our Active Dog Month: All About Dog Exercise  article for sure.

Although don’t get the wrong idea, she’s very much into diving under the duvet on the couch at the end of the day for some good downtime!

3. @rosiebearcorgi the royal choice

  • Bio: Rosie Bear the Corgi
  • Breed: Corgi
  • Followers: 12,800

Don’t let the bear part of Rosie Bear’s name fool you because she’s 100% Welsh (Kiwi) Corgi. This Taupō pup has an A-listers’ sense of fashion and loves to dress in pastel pinks, misty grey and baby blue. To add to her great sense of colour combination, she looks fahhhbulous in dashing patterns like polka-dots and stripes too!

This cute corgi occasionally shares the spotlight with her ‘mahm’ corgi whose name is Milli. Although mahm being a senior and all, she prefers to let Milli do most of the social media posts. Speaking of mahm, did we mention Milli is a fan of the Queen? I daresay.

4. @chief_the_dog_nz for adventure

  • Bio: Skills adventurer
  • Breed: German Shepherd x Rottweiler
  • Followers: 2,582

Chief the dog is sporty, agile and a big adventurer. He doesn’t have lots of posts on his IG grid, which makes his post to follower ratio relatively high. Chief is brave and fearless and loves riding out on the lake on a surfboard (he dreams of big waves though)!

When Chief was small, he used to dress up in tailored denim jackets, but now that he’s big he’s too busy adventuring and doing agility tricks for that kind of thing.

Read about the German Shepherd personality, history and breed traits.

5. @wesley.spaniel for indie style

  • Bio: Wesley’s not a dog person 
  • Breed: Cocker Spaniel
  • Followers: 1,841

While Wesley may not have the biggest following out there of all the dogs of Instagram, his hairstyle is worth thousands more. And by hairstyle, we mean more than just his cute ears. His fur on his head is not only blonde and lengthy but curvy too.

Wes knows how to walk off leash besides his pet mum and he adores her very much. He loves trail walking, swimming and hanging out with his dog buddies. He’s a fan of the great outdoors and is not afraid to climb high peaks or frolic in the snow.

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Dogs of Instagram – over to you 

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