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8 tips to protect your pet from the summer sun

With a long, hot summer upon us, pet owners are urged to be extra mindful of their pet’s health and safety. Unusually warm weather can quickly take its toll on furry family members, who aren’t well equipped for dealing with blazing heat… CLICK HERE

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Pet parent particulars: females vs males

Never mind the truth about cats and dogs, when it comes to pet ownership there are marked differences in approaches between men and women. Our research suggests women take the ‘pet parent’ rather than ‘pet owner’ approach more to heart than men do… CLICK HERE

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Holiday pet accommodation tips for pet parents

Kiwis love to travel, and the border being closed doesn’t mean most will be sitting at home all summer. But what to do with the fur babies? Here are some tips on how to house them while you’re away on holidays (or if you’re taking them along)… CLICK HERE

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10 considerations before giving pets for Christmas

With the season to be jolly upon us, animal lovers might be tempted to share their joy by putting a puppy or kitten under the Christmas tree. However, PD Insurance is advising Kiwis to avoid the urge unless 100 percent sure it’s the right gift to give… CLICK HERE

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Six simple steps to keep pets safe during Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes is coming… along with the bangs, whistles and shrieks of fireworks. Sure, it’s exciting for some, but terrifying for others, especially if they have no idea what’s going on – like animals… CLICK HERE

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Pet obesity a weighty problem in New Zealand

With National Pet Diabetes Month coming up in November and cuddly Labrador Drax making headlines in New Zealand this week after getting stuck in a dog door, PD Insurance says it’s a good time to health check your pet… CLICK HERE

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New pet insurer, PD Insurance, enters NZ market

PD Insurance has launched into the New Zealand market as a specialist solely focused on pet insurance. It combines digital technology with simple, affordable, quality policies, making it easy for pet owners to obtain an online quote and insure their cats and/or dogs fast… CLICK HERE

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New survey reveals: Pets helping Kiwis deal with pandemic; increased pet adoption

Research completed last week of 1,000+ New Zealand pet parents reveals the vast extent to which their fur babies have provided comfort throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, New Zealanders have been returning the favour by saving more animals via adoption… CLICK HERE


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Company backgrounder

Find out about New Zealand pet insurance specialist PD Insurance… CLICK HERE

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PD Insurance fact sheet

Find out about what makes PD Insurance tick and why pet insurance is a no-brainer… CLICK HERE


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Executive Information

Michelle Le Long

Michelle Le Long

Chief Operating Officer New Zealand, Pacific International Insurance


As Chief Operating Officer, Michelle Le Long brings a proven background in executive leadership to the organisation. A results and customer-driven insurance industry leader, she has a track record of delivering challenging financial and non-financial business goals.


Experienced in delivering change and building relationships, Le Long joins the company after serving as head of Youi New Zealand. She took the helm at Youi after the company had sanctions imposed on it and suffered significant reputational damage. Le Long is credited with turning the company around by implementing significant changes to its compliance regime and controls, as well as the performance measures designed to put the customer at the centre of decision-making.


A flexible and creative thinker, Le Long relishes the challenges of being a disruptor and innovator continuously seeking opportunities to bring differentiating solutions to the New Zealand market. She is a strategically focused executive who elicits top performance through staff mentoring and recognition, backed by a well-rounded multi-stakeholder focus.

A Member of the Directors Institute of New Zealand, Le Long has held multiple of Board and Chairperson positions and responsibilities within the industry. Passionate about ‘all things New Zealand’, Le Long describes herself as an armchair rugby referee especially keen on local summers, a nice glass of sauvignon blanc, fishing, boating, family and friends.


Visit Michelle’s LinkedIn Profile here.