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At PD Insurance we’re real pet lovers, just like you. That’s why we give you the coverage, support and care you need to be the best pet parent.

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PD Insurance - Why Choose Us?

The PD Insurance team knows your pet is a treasured family member and deserves the very best no matter what.

If something happens to your fur baby, the last thing you want is to be left wondering whether you can afford medical care. That’s why our simple pet insurance plans allow you to match your insurance cover to your budget. So you can keep the whole family happy and healthy!

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Pet Insurance Emergency Plan

Accident Plan

The most affordable pet insurance policy. This plan covers the basics including emergency and third party liability benefits.

Pet Insurance

Classic Plan

Our most sought after pet insurance policy, covering emergencies, illness, accidents and the option to add our Wellness Benefits package.

Pet Insurance Deluxe Plan

Deluxe Plan

The most comprehensive policy, covering emergencies, illness and accidents as well as dental. There’s also the option to add our Wellness Benefits package.

How Does it Work?

Choose PD Insurance

Select the PD Insurance plan that suits you best

Go to the Vet

Get the treatment your pet deserves when injured or sick

Get Reimbursed

Send us your vet bills and we’ll reimburse your claim entitlement

Why Get Pet Insurance?

As massive animal lovers, the PD Insurance team understands your pet is family. Getting them the best medical care should never have to be a decision. That’s why we think pet insurance is a no-brainer – it means you can get top quality care for your pet without hesitation.


Despite how careful we are as pet parents, or whether a pet is ‘indoor only’, accidents happen and they get sick. Did you know:

We offer three jargon-free plans with a month-to-month payment option and no lock-in contract. So you can easily choose the most suitable cover for your pet and your budget. 

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Affordable, Simple Cover. Built for Pet Parents.


Three quality, affordable pet insurance plans to compare and choose from.



Claims resolved quickly by our in-house team,

who aim to settle within 2 business days.



Simple policies, simple quoting and simple claims. Easy.

PD Insurance loves cats

Third Party Liability

Pets are unpredictable, and sometimes that means they cause damage to other people and/or their property. All three of our plans cover this.

Multiple Discounts

Protecting your pets shouldn’t be expensive. Make your head happy as well as your heart by enjoying our multi-pet discounts and low prices.*

Wellness Benefits Galore

Our Wellness Benefits Package add-on lets you claim expenses like vaccinations, de-sexing, microchipping, boarding fees and more. Yes!*

Buy your policy online and get the first month free#

Who is PD Insurance?

PD Insurance is a local pet insurance specialist committed to developing products that improve our customers’ lives.


Thanks to our affordable, high quality insurance policies, PD Insurance has built a large and loyal customer base in Australia. We’ve watched the NZ market closely over the years and recognised a need here too – for low cost pet insurance that doesn’t compromise on value.


It’s something our long-standing history in insurance enabled us to do quickly and with great confidence. As insurance experts, we know what we’re talking about. As pet parents, we understand what you and your pet need.


You can rest assured knowing PD Insurance has your back in tough times – we’ll provide your soft landing.


Do your pet a favour and get a quick online quote today.

PD Insurance loves dogs

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* Source of all statistical data: Companion Animals in New Zealand 2016.

*Price based on a 12 month emergency policy for a domestic short hair cat.

*Enjoy a 5% multiple pet discount when two or more pets are insured with PD Insurance. Multiple Pet discount may be referred to as ‘multi-pet discount’ in some customer documentation.

*Wellness Benefits is an addition to the normal plan.

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